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When we look at paid ads on search results, we mostly get intrigued how they get them and how credible they are. Let’s be honest. As much as PPC is useful, it is the organic search results that really drive the whole internet marketing industry. Nonetheless, if you are able to implement a solid campaign using SEO, you will be amazed by the impressive results that you can get especially in conjunction with organize search results. You can be successful with a PPC campaign; you just have to know the right steps. A pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign must have the following:

The product

A good product can determine the success of PPC Advertising. You should know what sells and what does not sell. A downloadable product is very popular. This is because it is an immediate transaction. The buyer pays online and they get the product right after. You might also want to consider finding a reputable affiliate marketing service that manages the product distribution. With this, you can organize the reports and commissions
from the said product.

The domain

If you go for affiliate products, the PPC Advertising should include a domain. You can link directly to the sales page of the vendor but redirecting to your own domain can also be useful. You can start with the first option if you are testing the waters but in due time, create your own domain name. This is also recognized by most search engines.

The keywords

The PPC Advertising will start with the right keywords. A person types a keyword on the search and it will trigger your ads to be shown. Choosing a relevant keyword is key to your search engine presence. Choose also the keyword relevant to your product. Most of the time, long tail keywords are used since most people are making more detailed searches nowadays. Get an expert to do it for you if you have no idea how it works. It is also necessary to organize your keyword list. Organizing them into so called ad groups can be beneficial. This is also very
useful to make comparisons as to what keywords convert better, which ones do not convert and what to drop and where you should focus on.

Making profit

You have to actually start making PPC advertising at this point. When making a copy, it should be sweet, catchy, precise and easy. It should be at the most, 2 lines, and includes the URL. There are some prescribed rules when making these advertisements so you have to make sure that you follow them. Nonetheless, balance creativity and precision.

These are your basic tools that can help you out in making a solid PPC Advertising. Once you have become accustomed to working with keywords and finding good products, you will be on your way to good conversions with the PPC campaign.

The most common misconception is that having all of these will create a successful PPC advertising campaign or that the work, money and time needed to have these things can be done by the site owner alone, without the need of a professional PPC Advertising Account Manager.

What Makes A PPC Advertising Campaign Successful

Once a pay per click marketing campaign is started, data is collected through analytic software and PPC reports provided by the PPC ad management agency. It is the analysis and executions made based on this information that can make a PPC advertising campaign successful.

Analyzing PPC Advertising Data & Executing Actions

A successfully managed pay per click advertising campaign uses report and analytic data to identify the following:

  1. Poorly performing keywords
  2. Keyword and industry related bidding wars
  3. Poor performance of ads
  4. Ad positioning and conversion or sales related to ad positioning
  5. Keywords that convert into sales and keywords that do not convert into sales (tracking ROI)
  6. Landing page performance, conversion and ROI
  7. Identify where in the sales process that sales and leads are being lost
  8. Site/server specific problems that are taking away from the site’s usability; costing the company sales
  9. Ad copy that converts into sales and poorly performing ads

It is this information that allows the PPC Advertising Account Manager to make informed decisions and execute educated actions that will effectively make the PPC campaign a success.

Changes That Make the Campaign a Success

Based on this information the PPC Advertising Account Manager can do the following:

a) Create and test new keyword phrases based on the high performing keywords and related phrases
b) Create, edit and adjust ad copy to increase click through rates
c) Edit and adjust landing pages to increase sales and conversions
d) Remove poorly performing keyword phrases, saving the client money and increasing their ROI
e) Make recommendations to site changes that will increase the users experience
f) Tap into new industry trends and make recommendations to the client allowing them to get ahead of their competitors
g) Modify ad positioning to get the best click through rate (CTR) that provides an increase of sales

These types of changes can reduce the cost of the PPC advertising campaign, increase PPC sales and leads; and create a valuable asset to the client’s overall online and offline marketing portfolio.


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