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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses ‘paid for’ techniques such as Paid listings and Pay-per-click advertising including Google Adwords to create sponsored links on Search Engines.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to communicate interactively with your existing client database or build your client database. Do not underestimate the importance of Social Media. It is not a fad, but here to stay for the long term. Use Social Media to your advantage with strategies to include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogging and many more. ZeteticWorld can create your online marketing profiles using customised design and also maintain and update them as required.  By linking your website to several social networking sites, your website will never be in isolation and will capture a larger audience. Search engines reward your website with higher ranking results if there is a clear link exchange with relevant websites, including social media.

In today’s world, no web-based business is complete without a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. By using creativity, knowledge, and technology, online marketing can move your website to the forefront of the internet. However, developing a successful web marketing campaign is a very complex process best left in the hands of experts. Our SMM experts duly understand that social media is all about networking in a way that espouses trust among customers and end users. Trust and goodwill are the basis of social networking and probably the only marketing platform that encourages fool proof communication and accountability among sellers as well as consumers.

ZeteticWorld’s social media services enhance the usability of your site, using integration with social tools and application; improve site likability; allow easy sharing of site content on popular social sites; increase visibility on search engines, easily track updates on your website; encourage discussions on your site and a whole lot more. Our internet marketing solutions also assist you in positioning your business on social networks to improve online brand visibility, brand protection /reputation management and increase quality inbound links. Our web marketing experts can handle your:

  •     Social media audit
  •     Social media optimization
  •     Optimized blog development, design, maintenance and promotion
  •     Brand management using social media monitoring
  •     Social media profile creation and management (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc.)
  •     Community building and monitoring
  •     Linkedin Direct Ads
  •     Facebook advertisement
  •     Social bookmarking
  •     Social media distribution: leveraging social channels besides the regular channels to promote press releases and newsworthy content

Pay Per Click Campaigns

‘Paid for’ techniques include Paid listings and Pay-per-click advertising such as Google Adwords to create sponsored links. Kandoo Online can create the campaigns and monitor them so that you can assess the value in relation to the amount of product/services you are selling.